About Us

The Inlet – Stanley is an absolute beachfront retreat in North West Tasmania where four contemporary beach houses nestle on the dunes overlooking a secluded private beach.  The beach houses are located on a cattle farm 4.5km from Stanley, a beautiful historic town boasting the title of 2021 Tassies Top Tourist Town.


Stanley, Tasmania

Stanley is a romantic town sitting on a slender sliver of land jutting out into the Bass Strait on Tasmania’s northwest coast. It is remarkable for its incredibly well-preserved colonial buildings and its massive volcanic plug. The plug rises 150 metres out of the water and it dominates the small town skyline

Stanley is rich in history but its importance as a port has faded through time. Now Stanley is a quaint little fishing port that relies heavily on tourism. Tourists flock to this small peninsula for its remarkable geological feature, it’s beautifully preserved colonial buildings and fresh boutique seafood.

Compared to the rest of the world, Tasmania’s northwest coast is rather sparsely populated. That means the ocean waters beyond are some of the wildest and least touched marine habitats on the planet. And you can taste that unspoiled natural beauty when you order seafood in one of Stanley’s restaurants. The fish and chips alone draw seafood lovers from all over Australia.

The Nut is a remarkable geological feature. Volcanic rock spewed into the sky and called before it had time to come back down to the ground. Now this massive geological feature is a world-famous marvel.

And Stanley’s remarkably preserved colonial houses, quaint streets and beautiful views make a perfect leisure seeker’s retreat. There is plenty of peace and quiet. It’s easy to find the perfect place for reading a book to escape the frenetic pace of modern life. 


Relax and unwind in complete privacy on this secluded, beachfront property, screened from the outside world yet only minutes from restaurants, cafes, galleries and the famous Nut in the quaint township of Stanley.  Walk barefoot on the deserted sandy beach, fish or bird watch in the inlet.